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Rockchip Game demo Wolf3D!

Rockchip Game demo Wolf3D!
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This is a Rockchip 3D game demo in .rkp format.

This is awesome smooth 3D moving graphics
Didn't think this would ever be possible but here it is!

So Doom should be possible too!

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Submitted by: knob


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makd511 - November 4, 2009
excellent knob - you lot really are manking progress on these now - BTW i have that player, one of the best (but ugly) cheap player we have ever had

knob - November 6, 2009
I quite like this player, It aint that ugly!

Forgot to mention Wolf3D was made by sig11 he must be a really expert programmer, he puts Rockchip to shame!

Alis - December 17, 2009
Love it!!!!
5/5 !!
But... I have a problem.
I can't go to level 2.
when I am in the end area, I click in the button to open doors and the doors open.
I go to the place end place but I cant go to level 2 .
Please , give me the solution.

knob - December 17, 2009
You can contact the author sig11 here:-

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