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2GB (labelled 32GB) 2.8" with 5mp cam, radio etc

2GB (labelled 32GB) 2.8" with 5mp cam, radio etc
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Generic mp3/mp4 player with a functional camera and a just about useable radio. The 2.8" 320 x 240 screen is bright and reasonably responsive compared to others that I have seen. If it were not fraudulently described I might recommend it.

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Submitted by: fueldragster


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Binh@MyMPx - February 2, 2010
Haha, I like how the icons look almost the same as the iPod icons . Is it full touchscreen?

fueldragster - February 8, 2010
Yes, compared to a few other chipods I have seen (the very similar 3-button type) the touchscreen works well and is backlit evenly. It replays dv converted down to 320x240 at full frame rate and large (>800 rather than 192) bitrates. If it were not for the low memory I'd be very impressed for the price. Please note that the actual finish does not have the "brassed" effect, it is silver.

Does anyone know the actual manufacturer? Are (true) 4Gb versions available?

fueldragster - February 12, 2010
Much to my amazement eBay has removed the vendor (meaning that I can no longer access the page but I think it was on +10,000 feedback) plus Paypal has upheld the major part of my claim (50% refund means I have paid $16). I would still have preferred to have paid more for the specification that was advertised, or even a 4 GB unit.

I would still be interested to know who makes this version if you should happen to know.

manni1 - February 17, 2010
Don't know, what you are talking about. Received the player and it is a real 32 GB-player! Mail-contact was excellent and without complaints.

dc5000 - February 18, 2010
I received my player one week ago, and after format using the PC its still show 32 GB. Unfortunately, after one week o use, it gat stack on the welcome screen.
Does anyone know how it can be “Hard reset”?

fueldragster - February 22, 2010
Dear dc5000
As you may see my version appears to have a "ready for the paperclip" reset hole. I have yet to test this.

Dear manni1
Well why not give us the rest of the details of this amazing supplier? Surely a candidate for the "white list"!
What chipset is your fitted with?
How did it fare under mydisktest.exe?Chkflsh.exe?
Pardon my suspicion but I do not suppose there is any risk that you are actually a vendor?

dc5000 - February 22, 2010
After one day the reset functionality has stop to work' and it seems to turn the player of' without any reset.
Is there a way to "Hard reset" those players?

darklordchris - February 27, 2010
hey will mp3 player disc tool recognizing or registering this player on your guys computers?
cause its not on mine

manni1 - March 26, 2010
Sorry had some other issues to solve.
Where can I find the tools for ident chipset aso?
And no, I am not a vendor, but as it seems a lucky guy!!??

TopPaul - April 18, 2010
I purchased this player off ebay and it worked for a day before the memory was corrupted. I used the interal format function within the player and reloaded the songs. It then decided it needed to reboot but then it hung at the Welcome screen. I have followed the guide for dead players but cannot get my computer to install the adfu update and recognise it as a usb drive. Please help as I actually like this player. I would be happy to reconfigure it from the advertised 16gb to a 2gb player as it has a micro sd slot which I could use for extra storage. Please help as I think this could be a good little player. Many thanks. Paul

CcSsNET - August 13, 2010
so i tore this thing apart. there is a second spot for a flash chip. mine has 1 chip. its really a 2gb chip, firmware treats it as a 16gb chip(makes life hell).

main core is (Actions ATJ2337T zb40nac 54j)
system-on-chip capable? or is this tiny chip next to it the firmware: XPT XPT20461016

system ram (guessing purpose: SEC KOREA 943 KM416S4030CT-GL zwh812cb)

camera: XHB 7678F

radio: comlent CL5767P W510 2410

touchscreen: XY-28TM01-V1

main pcb(entire board): zx-8051r-tlsk-t-v5.1

i found a tool called chkflsh.exe usefull in finding real flash size, also someones guide on using linux and fdisk to force a specific size partion, this device was the first time ive ever seen a disk not start with 0 in fdisk partitioning.(never got that to work out)

i am now toying with a tool called (mp3 player utilities 4.05) attempting to reset the size to 2gb, so far no luck any methods.

that method didnt work for me but looked promising.

overall the solder work on this pcb inside is sloppy. i seen a solder splash (droped solder) on the main pcb in a luckily safe spot. and some hackish bridging or acidental bridging of components, time will tell or ill resolder that and test it eventually.

anyone know if its a microsd slot of minisd?
we can assume max capacity is 2gb.

my touchscreen rarely responds to the first few attempts, although in the notepad it works flawless and only there.

hackish idea: add a cellphone antena booster for radio reception gains. minor solder required, im ordering one now.

anyone know if this can get modded with linux? android? anything? when i bought it i was hoping it had an arm cpu O:-)

CcSsNET - August 13, 2010
woops forgot to post the most important part! the flash chip itself:
hynix h27uag8t2atr bc 029h m1pk508901

tastefuldeath - October 2, 2010
I've got something like this but mine doesn't show me the songs now is there a way to identify this mp4/mp3 player so I can troubleshoot?

yosijoe - April 20, 2011
any body got firmware chipset is sunplus smp3052A- pl28-3052-dsc319s realy i need please...

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