Support Us is a FREE, independent resource site that is available to everyone. The resources, information and support on this site is provided by a group of volunteers and made available FREE of charge to anyone. We are not associated with or own by any big corporation. Our opinions, cause and purpose is independent and is run by volunteers.

The site has everything from Tools, firmware, themes and gallery downloads as well as a fully active support forum for members and visitors to ask questions and get help with their MP3/MP4 players.

Since the site first opened in early January 2006, it has grown to a hugely popular site for resource of information and support for MP3/MP4 users. In particular, resources for the "Chipod" (Chinese iPod) or "Nano-look-alike" MP3/MP4 players.

The huge growth and popularity of this site meant we had to upgrade the site to run on two dedicated servers. This means more resources for the site, more bandwidth and faster speeds for everyone. However, dedicated hosting is expensive and cost money.

Information on this site is free to access. It will always remain as a free resource for everything.

If you have found this site helpful and want to support us, here are some ways which you can help support the continual running of this site:

  • Help others on this site. Reply and answer questions in our forum if you think you can help. Everyone here will appreciate it.
  • Tell people about this site and hopefully we can help them out as well. What about mentioning us in your blog?
  • If you want to buy anything from our advertisers/sponsors (displayed through the ads on our website) then buy using the links on this site. It costs you nothing more (and in some cases, even saving you money!) but if you buy using the links from our site, then will receive a small referral fee for your purchase. This money will be put back into the site to keep it running, contribute to our hosting fund and used to pay for prizes and competitions.
  • Become a contributor and make a donation towards the running costs of this site.

If you want to support this site by becoming a contributor and making a donation, that would be greatly appreciated. No matter how small the donation is, it all helps. It will be used towards paying for hosting the site, improving the site, make it it better and provide prizes and competitions for members and visitors to the site.


Promotions and Competitions

  • Treasure Hunt: Win a 4GB 2.6" TFT Touch MP4 Player from Tinydeal! More information here.

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