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NEW actions chip (Actions ATJ2135) - player availability
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 7:06 pm
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Also you can record in either wav or mp3 format. I liked the way you emphasized 'GB'; that was the best part.
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 10:46 pm
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Originally Posted by razzer001";p=&quot View Post
yeah i knew there were a few things i got wrong there, when i was playing around with the tag function, it kept showing the ID3 info for some reason, thats why i assumed it meant that.

i guess thats pretty cool that you can rate the songs on the player.

BTW how well does the player handle sorting of music by album, genre and artist, does it lag when you try to see music sorted by artist, album or genre?
i have found the song sort to be pretty quick.

what the player seems to do is create a list, you can see this on the player when you connect to the PC, If you look in the "playlists" folder you will see a file (plus many others) ???, this is the music database, It seems to create physical lists as opposed to some form of dynamic database,
so when you view any of the categories it is subsequently very fast a showing them, even with 2GB full of songs.
the player has a similar function to the meizu when you add files in that it does an "update list" operation when unplugging from the computer.

another note is that the player will not catalog any music stored on the SD card but you can add items on the card to playlists if you want to. - and also copy items from card to player (music copied over is not automatically added to catalog until the next time you connect it to a computer, but can be seen in file navi and played)

Also the player does not update the catalog when you delete any songs and there is no manual updated function in the player itself.

playlits are very good on this player but is preset to 5 only. there is no way to empty a playlist all in one go from the player only song by song, but, when connected to pc you can go to the "playlist" folder and delete the corresponding text file to the list you want to empty (i.e. file MSCLST0 is playlist 1 etc.)

i have found sorting of the actual file into genre, artist album to be working correctly with regard to the reading of ID3 tags, at least i found no problems anyway)

this is a good player and yours is a hell of a lot cheaper, my 2GB one cost $99 - so i feel a little sick right now as you have the 4GB for alot less

don't hesitate to ask razzer, i could witter on for hours but i have children to wake and get ready for school

ps - the only thing that really bugs me about this player is its build - it is too light, would definitely have preferred a metal case of some sort
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Old 6th Jan 2008, 1:07 pm
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I was taking a look at the Ainol V900 and what i noticed is that the players with the new Actions chipset are basically knock-offs of the Meizu M6.

Player looks similar, interface is almost the same except for the hybrid touch slide/push button controls on the M6 vs regular buttons on the Actions, menus and functions are almost identical.

A few extras on the Actions would be the SD card support and FLV playback. Coupled with the cheap price, those players will sell quite well. But they won't be able to beat the battery life on the M6, at least not with fake Nokia batteries, that is. :P
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I miss my Meizu M6SL... Currently rocking a Sony Ericsson w595 on Samsung in-ear phones. Does fine, but it's not a chipod...
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Old 18th Jan 2008, 11:38 am
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Default Re: NEW actions chip (Actions ATJ2135) - player availability

Well not quite what I expected, but there seems to be a device on the market using the new Actions 2137, don't get too excited though just have a look and you'll see what I mean, it does show what the chip is capable of though :roll:
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