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There are hundreds of manufacturers of these cheap players and no consistancy what so ever in there production. Firmware version numbers are meaningless, you could have a 100 9.0.50 version firmware and they could all be different specifically configured to the players that they were originally designed for. The firmware you have used is not compatible with your players hardware configuration and was originally produced for a player using a different LCD type.

Your original problems were possibly not firmware related but most likely due to the fact that your players memory chip was hacked to read larger than it's true size. You do not mention what size player you purchased but it is most likely only has a 1GB memory chip.

Sadly there is no way to recover the lost memory because it was not really there in the first place and unless you can find another firmware that is suited to your player there is little chance of recovery.
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If you have been ripped off with a hacked player by a seller submit a report to
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