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Originally Posted by momo285 View Post

First, i just bought an mp4 player through Ebay and it was supposed to be 16gb but it's in reality 2gb. I write to the seller and he told me : It's a defective unit, send it back to me for a refund.

But the funny part is that the shipping price with a tracking number is twice the price of the unit.

When i plug the player to my computer it says that de capacity is 16gb, a flush 16gb ... no more no less. That's realy strange and i alway get problem when i copy more thant 1.8 go to it.

My question his, is there any chance that i can show to paypal that the product was clearly hacked and the seller is not honnest at all? Because its for sure. Did somebody ever get refunded without having to send the product back?

Thank's in advance.

Oh, by the way,.. if you check on the sellers Profile on Ebay, you can see who has bought other units off him, if he has sold any.... you could then e-mail them through EBay, and link them to this site, so they can check if they have been ripped off as well!!! most people who have bought 'hacked' units probably dont realise, and when they pack up, just bin em..... If they are told, and they all complain to the seller, and Ebay, we might get somewhere!!!

Cheers, Fred
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