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Kappa21, If you bought it as an 8GB it is most certainly hacked, to remove the hack from your player and find it's true size open the MP3 layer Disk Tool which is part of MP3 Player utilities and go to the Partition Encrypt tab and move the slider all the way right then back left and press start.
This will rebuild the partition and it will now read it's true size less 20 or so MB that the firmware uses.

You are entitled to a full refund including shipping as the goods you received differ from the player you purchased.
You need to file a dispute with PayPal and lodge a complaint against the trader with Ebay.

How to get full refund and how to expose fraudulent sellers?
Check if the seller is still actively listing the same counterfeit items right now!
After confirmimg receiving counterfeit item, you should complete the Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described process dispute after 10 days of item closing date so that eBay or Paypal is alerted of the development of fraudulent situation. If you have paid by Paypal, you can also complete the Paypal Buyer Complaint Process to get refund from Paypal within 45 days.
Since you have NOT been provided with what you have paid for, it does not falls into seller's return policy. You are covered by the 90 days protection period under eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program.
Unless these fraudsters would risk their eBay account for permanent suspension, they will for sure be in contact with you quicker than anything else. You then regain control of the situation and the power is again on your side.
Counterfeit is FRAUD, do not settle with the seller unless the seller is paying for all the associated return shipping cost of the item.
You still own the right to provide negative feedback against the seller to alert the fraudulent situation to warn other eBayers.
Provided that you have provided negative feedback to the seller and if subsequently the seller provides you with an unfair retaliatory negative feedback, you have a case to lodge against the seller by requesting eBay for feedback removal to fully protect your feedback.
Effectively you will get your money back either from the seller or from eBay/Paypal. Most important by going through this, you have assisted the process of exposing fradulent sellers on eBay, which will result in permanent suspension of the seller's account.
In most countries, FRAUD is a CRIMINAL offense and injunctions may be brought against the fraudsters to prevent them from moving on under a different name after being banned. Thus, you may choose to contact your law enforcement agencies or each respective brand manufacturers in your region, to report counterfeit and provide them with your item detail and the source of the item.
Click the image to open in full size.

If you have been ripped off with a hacked player by a seller submit a report to
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