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mp3 duplication on 8GB MP3 ipod player from eBay
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Old 19th Apr 2009, 7:03 am
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Default mp3 duplication on 8GB MP3 ipod player from eBay

I bought an 8gb mp3 ipod player on ebay which looks like an apple nano but because of the price I paid, I'm sure its a Chinese Import.

I have tried to copy mp3 files into the player and even watched the player file fill up as they were transferred over. I had successfully moved over about 2.8 gb of mp3 cleanly when i decided to stop for the night. Next time I opened the player it had erased maybe half of what I had put in and duplicated (up to 10 times) some of the songs it had left there.

I tried to reformat the player but it does this over and over.

I have novice experience with this so if there is a fix, the easier you can describe it the better.

I have the option of returning this to the seller, but it is a sweet looking player and would love to get it going if its at all possible.

Thanks, Rick
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Old 20th Apr 2009, 2:01 am
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Default Re: mp3 duplication on 8GB MP3 ipod player from eBay

Open it up and check ID of flash chip to determine the true capacity.
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