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TIGER BRAND (not Clone!) s1mp3 details/questions
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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 6:12 pm
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Default TIGER BRAND (not Clone!) s1mp3 details/questions

Just got his today at KBToys, and MOST KBToys carry them.

128MB Hynix chip
128x96 OLED
FM Tuner
CPU- "ATJ2085U"

Firmware being uploaded ASAP.

Any other firmwares I can update to? The menu system is lame, and the dumb icons/screensavers blow.

Also, is it possible to make 'Apps' like games? Possible to solder in another FLASH chip and increase capacity?

"I can fix it, I have the technology, I just dont wanna spend alot of money."
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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 6:57 pm
tadad1 tadad1 is offline
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Your player is quite specialized with a 128x96 screen so I do not recommend trying to upgrade your firmware it is the fastest way to trash your player.

Try extracting the firmware with s1fwx and then using s1res to change the theme, there are guides to doing this in the Knowledge Base and all the apps are in the Downloads>Tools section.

It is possible to add or replace memory chips but my understanding is that you can not go above 2GB. There is a guide at the wiki here
Click the image to open in full size.

If you have been ripped off with a hacked player by a seller submit a report to
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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 7:25 pm
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Default Re: TIGER BRAND (not Clone!) s1mp3 details/questions


To have more than 2gb, its necessary to use fat32. Most devices have support to fat, dont fat32. So, to format more than 2 gb, its necessary to do it using fat32. So, you are right.

There are some releases of windows nt which support more than 2gb using fat (not fat32), but they are exceptions.

And... Its cheaper to use a mini-hd of 4 gb instead a flash of 4gb. Thats the reason because we dont see mp3 players (using flash memory) with more than 2 gb. Is it possible? Yes, but they are expensive.
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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 9:31 pm
Wizzard1 Wizzard1 is offline
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Default Re: TIGER BRAND (not Clone!) s1mp3 details/questions

What clear and quick responses- Thanks!

Yes, I already edited some of the pics and actually modded the font a bit, but nothing special.... Reminds me of old NES Hex/Data editing software :-D

Anyhew, I managed to squeeze all season1 of Clone Wars, so I am happy forthe time being with 109MB :-P I will definitly upgrade in the future.... Possibly before Xmas. I also modded the shell tonite, it was easy... Went from Aluminum/Steel to brushed steel, and it's nice and even and smooth... The buttons need some serious work though.

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