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Alternatives to DealExtreme???
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Old 14th Jun 2010, 12:47 am
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Default Alternatives to DealExtreme???

Hi,there! Recently, I conducted a search, and I was trying to find
some DealExtreme alternatives, hoping to find cheap prices
and free shipping worldwide, and decided to mark down
the ones that are close to DealExtreme. So let's get started:

* Note, these are in random order.
They are not in order for most popular.
If you have any DealExtreme related websites,
post it here and I will add it to the list. thanks.
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Old 14th Jun 2010, 5:06 am
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Thanks for sharing this.

Here are some points worth noting:
  • Buyers need to be aware that even though these sites are on the internet, it doesn't mean that they are 100% legit and that they have good customer service.
  • I question a website that publishes their address as their contact detail. Have a look at these two examples: Davismicro Support (uses and DS R4 lite,PSP Slim,Genuine Earphone,Magic Cubes,Cell phone,Ipod Accessories,flashlight,etc. (uses
  • If you can pay by PAYPAL, I would recommend using that instead of a credit card because who knows what happens to your credit card details once you've entered them into the site. Also, it's easier to deal with a dispute through PayPal than to go through your bank and your credit card. Also avoiding identity theft.
  • I've noticed that if you open up the sites altogether, a lot of them look very similar - as if they are using the exact same template but just modified slightly to look different. The general layout of the sites look very similar.
  • Before buying anything, just make sure you do some internet searches on them firstly. Search for "site +scam" or "site +review" etc and see what someone else has written about them. The more you know, the better informed you have when making a decision to buy.
  • Lastly, PHONE them on their number and see who picks up the phone and what the sound like on the phone. I've been had personally by a company overseas ordering a PMP. After I've ordered and didn't receive the product after a month, I phoned them and surprise, surprise, all the calls go to voice mail! It took me three months of threats of taking legal action against them for them to finally send the product. Needless to say, they are no longer on the internet (probably opened up another site instead I would imagine?).
That's just my two cents in the matter.
Having some feedback from members who have bought from the site also helps a lot too.
Binh (admin)

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Old 12th Aug 2010, 8:12 pm
mrdigital mrdigital is offline
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just google ,you will fine it
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