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Something that might help someone and a recommendation to MPX
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 8:39 am
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Post Something that might help someone and a recommendation to MPX

Gday Folks,

OK, first I'm a person that used Microsoft Basic 3.0 in CP/M and that's where my history begins. For good or worse I enjoy Microsoft Windows and YES!!! I do know that other OS's exist.

I wanted a small computer and the only version I could see I could feel somewhat at comfort with was one of those Chinese netbooks with WindowsCE 6.0. and not wanting to go too far I just used one with a VIA6505. Bought one for $50 and a 32Gb SD card and I'm off and running. The only thing is I could'nt get the 2 video programs to run a video spot on. I tried and tried many filetypes and a lot of variations in format but to no avail until I dragged an old B&W video across to the netbook with a few other files.......and ran like a charm on the CORE video program in the netbook but since it's an AVI(XVID) it won't run on WindowsCE media player. The video file was originally encoded for my MP3 player with AVIconverter 3.0 320x240 at 20fps. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

I've written up the story on AVIconverter and how to run it elsewhere.

Now a quick note to MPX. I was around when you guys really did some magic work first stopping the "I want to change everything" guys because the Chinese OS's were just too mixed up and uncoordinated to be able to replace properly and then started gathering and putting order in what was a mess. My suggestion is this is exactly what has started again but in the Chinese netbooks on Ebay. There are 2 VIA processors, at least 6 operating systems I know of and if a netbook crashes you reinstall via the SD card but what goes with what no-one knows because of the same issues as the Chinese MP3 players ... a lack of communication and organization......the thing needs help(and someone needs to write in big letters somewhere DON'T HACK THE OS.

Oh and if your interested to know how to get programs to run in them because they won't run binary software is to get a collection of Javascript Software. Mine run like a wizz....checkers...chess...blackjack all you have to do is get the script, embed it in a html file, make sure you have the javascripts graphics in the same folder and I put them in the Programs Folder with the rest of the programs then copy the html file(program) and go back to the desktop and paste to a shortcut. Sit back and run it out of the Internet Explorer in the OS. Be careful not to get to over the top with things like HTML5 as I'm not sure it's not compatible. Maybe a sexier html client would make things even better. Anyway I'm happy with what I have.

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