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Light in the box question (and my hacked player from ebay)
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Old 15th Apr 2010, 10:31 am
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Default Light in the box question (and my hacked player from ebay)

Hello- I am finding this website a treasure trove and am very thankful to have stumbled upon it.

First, some info as to why I am here- Last month I was talking to my Mom (who is elderly and disabled) who wanted me to find a good deal for her on a decent MP3 player so she could listen to Audiobooks while trying to sleep and not disturb my Father, she was wanting something functional and cheap, just a basic mp3 player.

I began searching around for the best "bang for the buck" on the internet and started looking at the Chinese Import models. I ended up finding an ebay seller carrying 8GB MP3/MP4 Touch Screen players with Camera/Video Camera for around 34 each. These look just like Ipod touch models, play movies and looked great- I bought 2 of them, one for me and one for my Mom.

Received the units about a week ago- Honestly I was blown away by the quality. Good picture quality, unit did everything it said perfectly. I was completely satisfied....UNTIL, a few days ago I began getting strange errors and files were not working properly or were corrupted... Googling the error messages led me down the dark path of Chinese MP4 Hacking and thankfully, to this site.

Turns out our 8GB players are actually 2GB and have had the memory hacked (I confirmed this using steps listed on this site- Unfortunately I wasnt able to fix the memory to read the proper size)- I am corresponding with the ebay seller now who is going to give me a partial refund. He asked how much I want and I stated $20 back (meaning each player cost me $24) and I am waiting to see what happens (more to come when I get some info)

ANYHOW, I am very much impressed with this player (aside from the hacked memory) and honestly feel that even with 2GB of memory this thing is well worth at least $50. I am now contemplating getting a similar type player but with 16 GB and giving this player to my sister.

16GB 2.8 Inch Touch Screen MP4/MP3 Player/Video/FM Turner (M168) - US$ 69.99 this is the model and the site I have found with the best price.

The site is "Light in the Box"- Is this legit? I just dont want to deal with anymore hacked players or anything- I am very impressed with the unit, want max memory with it and need a reputable seller. No more BS.

Thank you.
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Old 15th Apr 2010, 2:24 pm
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That is where I bought mine from. My main problem with mine which is a different model from yours is that no matter how you do it it will not upgrade the firmwere, every now and then when playing a large mp3 file (audio book chapter) part way though it it will either skip to the next chapter or repeat even though it is showing that it is not repeating. Right now I could care less about the firmwere but I would love to be able to update or upgrade it sometime soon. As for the file issue well i worked around it by using a memory card and only putting my files of the card instead of the built in memory. I out the 4gb player and can stuff pretty much the full 4 gbs o it but they just dont play write so I found a really cheap 4gb micro /TF memory card with adapter for 6.00 usd an now just use it. The 6.00 plus the 33.00 for the player for a total of 39.00 is still totally worth it.
I have yet to be able to play any video files no matter the format (avi, wmv,asf,mp4,mpeg ect) but honestly with a tiny 2.8 screeneven if I could my eyes are that great so still no prob. Only have tetris for a game. For softwear/firmwera pics see my profile pic and avatar.

If anyone finds out why it won't upgrade though that would be great.

As for light in the box, customer service is ok however Open the package carefully the box it ships in to SAVE the ORIGIONAL BOX that the items you buy ships in so that if any problems arise (and yes this is very bad of me) put it back in the box and put return to sender on the lable because shipping it back cost darn near 40 dollars from the USA and yes that is the cheapest. I have not actually tried it but my sister did. Either that or negotiate with them by stateing something like send me a replacement with a return lable and ill ship the broken one back if you don't recived it within 30 days bill my credit card or something similar. So in short decent but cheap and yes hacked products but not worth trying to get repared or replaced the normal way because it will cost you about the same and replacing it yourself (depending on the product).

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Old 29th Jul 2010, 12:02 am
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oh I have the same MP3. I got the 32 gig version, but I still can't fix teh bloody damn thing. Aside from the hack, this is a very good player. A shame the hacked memory really messed up the firmware built in. Otherwise, it's worth the money even if it wasn't the full 32gb because of the relitive cheapness. I wish I knew the actual brandname, and website for the product. The manual I requested from the shoddy dealer didn't elaborate.

Hmm, the minigame built in is different from yours, mine doesn't have tetris, instead it has a weird puzzle game based off the Romance of the three kingdoms period.

Edit: Also upon looking closer at teh screens, though Desiraes' player is of the same model, the firmware is totaly different. But just like Desiraes' I can't update it, nor remove fix actual memory hack. The difference is also that the video files do work, but the same repeating problems with memory of course, are very much the same.

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