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toy story mp4 - avi converter converts very fast video pls help
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Old 19th Aug 2011, 11:31 am
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Default toy story mp4 - avi converter converts very fast video pls help

hi, im new to this forum, pls someone i really need some help. i bought this cheap 4gb toy story3 mp4 player somewhere but i have two problems. it was working fine, but then....
first, i used avi converter that i downloaded in this site. the problem is, i already tried converting 10 movies, and they're all the same, they keep on skipping about a minute each. they play too fast! but i noticed only one movie seem to work. it's despicable me, it's running fine, not too fast and not too slow. this is the only one for pete's sake, all the movies are the same! here's the screenshot of the file's setting of despicable me:

Click the image to open in full size.

the first one is the original file and the second one is the converted file.

my second problem is... i tried several usb cables but i don't know if it's the usb hardware problem. my computer automatically stops recognizing my mp4 device after a few minutes, which leads me to the point of transferring only a few files, sometimes only halfway of a file.

any help will be highly appreciated... thank you in advance...
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Old 21st Aug 2011, 2:20 am
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The Skipping might be due to the Frames per second of the original video file.
Just double check the Frames per second on the other videos and see if they are the same 23 frames/sec as the "DM 3D.avi" file.

Re: your computer not recognising your player
- Are you plugging it into a USB hub which then conects to your computer or are you plugging it straight into your computer's USB port?
What you can try is:
1. Different USB ports
2. Different computer

By trying those two, can we eliminate the possiblity that it's a problem with the USB ports on your computer or it might be a problem with your computer.

3. Lastly did this problem just started happening or has it always been like this from the start?

Let me know.
Binh (admin)

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Old 21st Aug 2011, 9:02 am
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yes the movies i have are ranging from 23-25 fps, mostly 23fps too (i tried converting 10 movies but only despicable me seem to work and not skipping at all). i still don't know why they are skipping like that...

well im plugging it straight to my computer, i tried it on my PC's several usb ports but to no avail. this is the only device so far that acts this way. i haven't tried it on other PC.

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