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Modifying Series 11 (AK2025/ATJ2111/3/5) Device Research Thread
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Old 11th Feb 2010, 9:02 pm
jaf0 jaf0 is offline
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Default re: my chipod...

turns out it's a 2.0gb///

if you're stuck at the ADMINISTR 00 MB thing,

use the disktool to create an encrypted partition to bring the drive down to "real" size...

I had to make the partition 5954 MB and then the thing showed ...

ADMINSTR 1968 MB ...

that was the max.

one way of telling is if both "disks" re mount properly in explorer.

if you get the error USB device had problems message .. your encrypted partition isn't big enough ....

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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 7:45 am
joaquimorg joaquimorg is offline
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Default Source Code

Hi can you share the changes you made to the s1giveio to read the version 11 !
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Old 2nd Apr 2010, 9:27 am
ivanleets ivanleets is offline
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Hi Guys

Is this research still on going?

Please advise.

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Old 2nd Apr 2010, 8:37 pm
ivanleets ivanleets is offline
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Here is my dump(see attachment). This dump is from my 2nd fake ipod (AK2025 16GB) which is still able to be detected by my PC.

For my 1st fake ipod (AK2025 16GB), my PC cannot detect this device and whenever connected with same USB cable, it keeps asking for USB driver. I tried ADFUUpdate.inf (from jaf0) but still no luck.

Please help.
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Old 29th Apr 2010, 10:02 pm
lolita lolita is offline
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Alright, enough BROM dumps for now. I think we have more than enough.

I still have a ton of Series 9 research and documenting to do.
I am no longer affiliated with Actions Semiconductor Co. Ltd. Do not ask me for firmware.
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Old 3rd Apr 2011, 12:31 am
jabber jabber is offline
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plz sir hellp me i need mp3 firmware.

Board id smd-atj2111 ver.1.1
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Old 8th Jan 2012, 1:31 am
amunro amunro is offline
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This seems about the best thread to help me with a AK2025C nano clone.

When I press and hold the play button and plugin the usb, Windows sees the ADFU interface. I have loaded two different ADFU windows drivers and they seem to work. I have tried 3 different versions of s1giveio (v13/v14/the alpha version about which is dated 2009 and seems the latest). s1giveio just does not see the device. Device has an Apple icon on its display. Problem is with the internal flash; it was supposed to be a 4Gb device, but using the MP3 disk tool to test it, turns out its a 2Gb device. I resized it and it all seemed ok, but it would not keep its FAT32 disk layout; windows kept wanting to reformat, so maybe it needs to be slightly smaller? So I tried reformat under Linux, but from what I gather it needs to be encrypted. After the Linux reformat, unit fails to startup, but keeps rebooting. Guess its very unhappy about the disk format. So I want to dump its firmware and then try and fix its disk again.

Opened up the unit and it has the following chips in it:

Battery: 3.7V 140mAh Aman-302030
Main chip: AK2025C SA90QAC OIG
Flash: 1x Hynix H27UAG8T2ATR 16Gbit (2Gbyte; not 4Gb as per the sticker)
Radio chip: Comlent CL5767P
Goodix capacitive/touch sensitive chip.
Board: CB-2518-2-KEY CBD
FW version: 9.5.54.

Probably need a break from looking at this and to come back to it later, with a new approach

Also tried winxp-32 in virtualbox and win7 32bit. Also tried the s1res program to extract the firmware. Seems to be nothing can see the device, apart from Windows!

Last edited by amunro; 8th Jan 2012 at 1:34 am.
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Old 21st Sep 2012, 5:51 pm
rapierdragon rapierdragon is offline
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Default -- 2 years go by -- where is the update?

I just got a new 1" mp4 (ipod gen6 clone ?). Just bought off ebay, and it arrived off the mail truck last week (sept/2012).

It says it has 8 Gb storage. Doubt I'll ever use all of it. (I've got a nice old 3.7" mp4 that has an SD-card-slot which I use for vid-watching on the go).

Mainly I bought this 1" ch'ipod so I could clip it onto a watch-band and basically modify into custom LCD-display type watch. It would still have mp3/mp4 abilities... maybe a Star Trek TNG type LCARS display... but that's all unrelated to the main reason for this post.

I can't even start to hack the it cause no one anywhere has firmware support for series 11.

Data (as it shows from its menu):


and from easychip and chipgenius I get:

actions hs usb flashdisk

As you can see, its one of these "relatively new" series 11 chips.

BUT THE ONLY INFO I CAN FIND on where the research is going is easily dated 2010 or so.

As you can imagine, it's now September 2012. Where are our updates? Did it turn out that the new chip setup completely prevents you from updating something like s1res to work with the new series 11?

-- my guess on the old system (v3~v9) vs new system (series 11)

I'm guessing the new format is quite different from the older versions. Originally you had only what, one chip to deal with? It had two sections to it, the firmware (the menu, graphics to display menu, battery-charge level graphic, etc), and the user-accessable storage area (for mp3/mp4/jpg/txt type files).

And the new setup must be almost like having two chips; one with firmware, one with storage and a compression algorithm; and the second chip has all the storage. That would explain why my mp4 has TWO dates listed for firmware.

Anything windows sends or receives probably basically goes to the first chip, gets compressed (or uncompressed) and then stored on the second chip. Guessing there's no direct access to the first chip (its been specifically built and coded to sit like an invisible piece of glass to the end-user. Only the manufacturer is supposed to know how to access it.)

Even if its still mainly one chip, it acts like two chips. Windows XP/Vista shows the device as being hacked to show 8 GB storage, but then if you format it it'll show only 2 GB ... cause basically the "hidden chip" acts like a tiny 7-zip (or winrar/winzip) type program (from our point of view).

So okay, maybe in reality the new series 11 doesn't really work that way, but I'm just trying to give an easy-to-understand basic-picture type explanation. It would also explain why so many ppl have "delay" issues with load-times and "crash/stall" issues with larger files... cause the file needs to decompress to play, basically get unzipped and temporarily-stored in the free space. (Would explain why a 30-second video plays fine, but the moment you try to save or load a 1+ gig video to the supoosed 8 gig storage the device has problems... its kind of like the old "not enough free RAM" issues we had back in the old 386/486 cpu days.)

Flash memory isn't the same as RAM memory. It won't matter if your mp4 has 16 gig of flash storage if its only got a tiny 640 mb of ram (exagerating here, but you get the idea. Would be a bit like trying to read the data off a DVD with only your own eyes instead of using a DVD-player to decompress/decode it and TV to display it).

-- oops, sorry ---

Lol, didn't mean to go on so long. Sometimes I just get a great idea and it comes out in that "sounds a bit like a rant" effect when I try to explain it.

Anyways ... updates?
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Old 26th Jun 2013, 8:36 am
Marco Marco is offline
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here a link to a firmware that maybe can be crossflashing to an other player...

unfortunately s1res can't open it any suggestions?
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ak2025, atj2111, atj2113, atj2115, series 11

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