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Strange Symptom of my dead MP4
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Old 2nd Aug 2007, 4:37 pm
hardouss hardouss is offline
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Default Strange Symptom of my dead MP4

Hello everybody..

Well this is my first post here and I hope I can get some help from you guys :-)

First thing first , here are my MP4 Player caracteristics :
Audio processor : Sigmatel STMP3504 Chip
Memory : Hynix 1GB

The Situation :

My MP4 Player used to suffer from sudden restarts problem.
I tried to fix it (following guides of course) but instead I messed it up.
Now my MP4 player never starts (always blank screen),and whenever I connect it to the PC it says "USB device not recognized". I tried short circuiting the memory chip (as described in the "dead player recovery guid") but in vain : It never runs into to the ADFU recovery mode.I tried also to short circuit the Processing chip and ooppps : a strange symptom occurs : the screen lights up instantly and turns off...

Here's a small video showing that :

I couldn't maintain a position in wich the LCD remains turned on.

Thanks in advance for any hint and I would appreciate it too much..
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Old 5th Aug 2007, 2:53 pm
hardouss hardouss is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2007
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Default Re: Strange Symptom of my dead MP4

Looks like no one's understanding what I'm saying

I just need to know if, as long as my Mp4P reacted that way (i.e instantaneous LCD flash while short circuiting the Sigmatel Chip), is still recoverable???
Or shall I drop it and buy another one ??

Btw, I found this article that talks about MPxPlayers with damaged Bootloaders and how to fix em using the so called ICE embedded functions :

Has anyone tried this or know something about it?
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