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No sound and cannot charge
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Old 6th May 2007, 5:43 am
vovanux vovanux is offline
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Default No sound and cannot charge

This is my first post here... I've bought a chipod player on ebay and I cannot start it. Here it is: . After I opened and started it it had no sound and told me that the battery level is low. I've got no sound neither in mp3 playback nor in radio and video sections. I am also unable to record sound using recorder. The player also does not start without charger and I cannot charge it.

I've tried to update its firmware with no luck. Player fits B806K8V1.1_2006-09-25_9.0.48 firmware. I can only use it as a flash drive (everything seems to be ok with storage). Please, let me know what it is possible to do with this player. I found no screws on it so I cannot even disassemble it. Need your assistance...
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Old 6th May 2007, 6:57 am
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vovanux , for your player, you'll need to pry open the white cover/sticker on the top (where the On/Off switch is), you might need to do so for the bottom too.

Next, the screw should be hidden below it, unscrewing it would allow you to either slide or lift the casing open.

Take note you might need to depress/rotate the control buttons in order to remove the casing without damaging it.

Locate the processor chip's serial number (eg ATJ2091, ATJ2085, etc).
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Old 7th May 2007, 2:01 am
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Default Re: No sound and cannot charge

lattesurf, thank you for your fast reply. It really helped me to open the player. Processor chip's serial number is ATJ2091N. At the moment I don't know what it means but I hope you can help me
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