can it be fix?
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Old 12th Aug 2009, 8:12 am
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Default can it be fix?

How can I repair this MP5?

It detects the internal memory and the SD card memory but it does not detect their capacities. It always says 0mb total space, 0mb used space, and 0mb free space.

In my pc, when I right click then properties the drive f (which is my mp5 2 gig capacity), It also shows 0mb capacity etc... When I try to format it, it reaches the 100% but after waiting a few seconds, it will show " Windows is unable to format it".

Now, I can't listen to music, watch movies, read some notes, games etc... When i try to capture some picture, it will say " Memory Full". It was like, its not detecting any disk capacity even when I plug-in a working Sd card because I already tried it.

What might be the problem?
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